Terms and Conditions

  1. Using the booking engine
    1. These terms and conditions ("Conditions") apply to using contents of the Discover Car Hire ("Company") booking engine available on this Website (www.discovercarhire.com).
    2. By using this Website, you indicate your agreement with these Conditions, therefore please read the Conditions before you proceed with using this Website.
    3. Note that Company can make updates to Conditions published at this Website and the updates become effective right after they are published. Please take care to ensure you read the current version of Conditions before repeatedly using this Website.
    4. It is allowed to use this Website to make rental vehicle Bookings. It is prohibited to use this Website for illegal purposes, namely, making Bookings that are speculative or false, or obtaining data on Rental Vehicle Providers or their vehicle rent offers. By accepting these Conditions, you agree to use this Website only for its legal purpose.
    5. On this Website, a rental vehicle can be selected from a range of vehicles provided by a number of different Rental Vehicle Providers. Company itself does not own or run any of these provider companies.
    6. These terms are information of how to use this Website, and are not considered as agreement. Rental agreement will be signed with Rental Vehicle Provider at the time of Pick Up.
    7. Each Rental Vehicle Provider has their own terms and conditions for renting a vehicle from them. Policies regarding insurance, additional drivers, driver’s age and fuel differ from one Rental Vehicle Provider to another. Provider’s terms and conditions will be available to you along with other information about the vehicle when you will have selected it on this Website.
    8. Making a Booking of the selected vehicle on this Website will indicate that you accept the rental terms and conditions of the particular Rental Vehicle Provider. Company is not responsible and shall not have a liability if Rental Vehicle Provider changes terms and conditions available on this Website.
    9. The main currencies in which prices are published on this Website are Euro (EUR) and United States Dollars (USD). You can select to view prices in other currencies and it will be shown converted, based on daily updated currency exchange rate.
    10. Company takes care that personal data you provide on this Website is secure and ensures that it uses this data only to carry out its lawful business purposes:
      1. Company is required to send clients provided personal and contact information (client full name, date of birth, phone number, email address) and Booking related information to Rental Vehicle Provider, so that it can provide you with the rental service you request.
      2. Your email will be used by Company to send you the confirmation of your Booking in a form of a Voucher.
      3. Your phone number will be used by Company to clarify questions regarding your Booking, if such will arise.
    11. Your credit card details will be used by Company:
      1. to hold a Down Payment when making a booking (for more details on Down Payment please read item 6.3.1),
      2. to charge a Down Payment after confirmation of booking,
      3. in the name of Rental Vehicle Provider to cover possible No-Show Fees, in case you don’t arrive to Pick Up Location in time without prior notice.
  2. Placing Booking
    1. To make a Booking, choose your required class of vehicle. Please be aware that a Booking does not guarantee a specific vehicle make or model, but a chosen class of vehicle, unless you choose a Luxury or Elite class vehicle. If a booked vehicle model is available at the Pick up time, it will be provided to you. In other case, you will be provided with a vehicle of the same or better class. Infrequently, only vehicles of an inferior class can be provided.
    2. Before making a Booking, please carefully review the provided information about your selected vehicle, as rental policies of various Rental Vehicle Providers are different. When you make the Booking, you will be bound by these terms and conditions.
    3. Ensure that your age is within the provider’s specified driver’s age limit, which usually is between 21 and 75 inclusive, but can differ for some providers.
    4. Company requires that you ensure your Booking data, such as country, location, period of rental, flight number and arrival time for airport pick-up, is entered correctly. If flight number and arrival time is not available at the time you are making the Booking, ensure you inform Company at least 7 days before departure, via email or phone. Company will accept no responsibility, if renting a vehicle fails because this information is not supplied or is supplied incorrectly, or too late.
    5. Information on options and extras included and excluded from price is available on our webpage in “Rental conditions” and in the section “Optional extras payable locally”.
    6. If you need additional extras, such as GPS, child seats, bicycle racks or other, as well as if you wish to travel outside the country where you booked the car, and/or you would like to drop off the car in a different location than the Pick Up Location and/or you wish to receive vehicle in other place than rental office, this must be specified in written form at the time of Booking. This information can be inserted in comments section when filling in personal information.
    7. When Booking payment data is filled and proceeded, the Down Payment amount is being blocked on your bank or Paypal account.
  3. Booking confirmation process
    1. When a Booking is made, Company’s operators proceed with obtaining confirmation of this Booking from the selected Rental Vehicle Provider. Depending on various factors, the confirmation process usually takes up to 48 hours. If the start date of your rental period is in next 5 days or less from the date you made a Booking, your Booking will be processed as a priority. Until confirmed, your Booking on the Website does not guarantee you the requested vehicle.
    2. If you have made a Booking in advance (6 or more months before the rental dates), then prices could be changed while processing your Booking by Company. In this case Company will contact you to discuss changes before proceeding your order to the final confirmation step.
    3. When the required Rental Vehicle Provider confirms to Company that it is possible to offer to you the requested service, Company charges your credit card with the Prepayment and chosen additional Protections payments amount, and sends confirmation Voucher, which completes the confirmation process of your Booking.
      1. If the car is unavailable, Company operators will contact you to offer possible Booking alternates.
      2. If there are no car alternates or you don't accept them, Company will cancel your Booking and unblock Down Payment on your payment card.
    4. You can view the status of your Booking on this Website by going to "My Booking".
  4. Modifying Booking
    1. To modify your Booking, contact Company by email support@discovercarhire.com, clearly indicating the required changes. Be aware that Company cannot guarantee processing of these changes.
    2. If you have already collected the vehicle, modifying your Booking could be possible only per request to Rental Vehicle Provider.
  5. Cancelling Booking
    1. To cancel your Booking you need to write a request to the email support@discovercarhire.com. Please note that you need to write an email from the same address which you provided in your Booking. You must provide your Booking number as well as name, surname and date of birth to confirm your identity.
    2. If you request cancellation of your Booking:
      1. before Booking is confirmed, Down Payment is fully refundable,
      2. after Booking is confirmed and 48 hours before Pick Up Time:
        1. if Cancel Protection has been purchased, Prepayment and Excess Protection are refundable,
        2. if Cancel Protection has not been purchased, only Excess Protection is refundable,
      3. less than 48 hours before Pick Up Time, only Excess Protection is refundable,
      4. after Pick up Time, no refund is available.
    3. If Booking is cancelled, Voucher becomes void.
    4. You are obliged to inform Company about cancellation of Booking even if no refund is available. If you don't inform Company about cancellation of Booking 48 hours before the Pick Up Time and don't arrive in time to take the booked vehicle, Rental Vehicle Provider can classify it as No-show and charge you an additional No-Show Fee. The amount of No-Show Fee varies on each Rental Vehicle Provider and can reach up to 250 EUR, if not specified otherwise in “Rental Conditions”. No-Show Fee can be charged from your credit card during period of 3 months after planned Pick Up Time.
  6. Paying for the rental
    1. Payment methods accepted by Company on this Website are a valid credit/debit card or PayPal.
    2. Payment methods accepted by Rental Vehicle Providers vary and can include credit cards, debit cards or cash. Please note that some providers accept only credit card payments.
    3. Payment is done in parts:
      1. Down Payment is holded when making Booking on Website. It consists of Prepayment - part of total rental fee as well as chosen Cancel Protection and Excess Protection payments. Down Payment amount is charged on your credit/debit card or Paypal by Company during the confirmation process of your Booking.
      2. The rest part of rental payment, as well as payments for chosen additional extras and services are charged at Pick Up Time when taking a vehicle from Rental Vehicle Provider.
      3. Security Deposit is holded on your credit card or cash deposit taken by Rental Vehicle Provider to cover costs of possible Insurance Excess, traffic violations and refueling costs. The amount of the Security Deposit is hold on your credit card by Rental Vehicle Provider when you collect the vehicle. If no traffic violations or refueling costs occur, the Security Deposit hold on the credit card lapses, usually within 2 weeks from the end of the rental period. If the above mentioned costs occur, Rental Vehicle Provider will charge your credit card for them.
    4. Payments to Company are accepted in EUR or USD.
    5. Payments to Rental Vehicle Provider must be made in the local currency of the country where you will collect the vehicle. Note that if this currency is different from the currency of your credit card, your credit card company will be performing currency exchange at their established rate and may also charge the card for a conversion fee. Company is not responsible for discrepancies between the price you see on the Website and the amount for which your credit card is charged if these discrepancies are due to the currency exchange rate used or the conversion fee applied.
    6. Rental Vehicle Provider can request pre-authorization of the amounts mentioned in items 6.3.2. to 6.3.3 on your credit card for you to be able to collect the vehicle.
  7. Collecting the vehicle
    1. You must present the following documents when collecting the vehicle:
      1. printed Voucher on your name. Company is not responsible for additional charges imposed on you as a result of failure to present a Voucher when collecting a vehicle,
      2. valid driver’s license from your country of origin. It must be valid in the country where you are renting the vehicle. The license must be issued at least 1 year before the date of collecting the vehicle,
      3. international drivers permit may be required by some Rental Vehicle Providers as a supplement to the regular driver’s license,
      4. valid passport or valid ID card,
      5. valid credit card in renter’s (driver’s) name,
      6. other documents, required by Rental Vehicle Provider and mentioned in Voucher.
    2. If there are delays in your planned arrival time, it is your responsibility to contact and inform Rental Vehicle Provider. Rental Vehicle Provider contact number can be found on the rental Voucher.
    3. If Rental Vehicle Provider didn't supply you with the rental car due to missed Pick-up time, (even if the reason is cancellation or delay of your flight), or due to lack of necessary documents mentioned in Confirmation Voucher, Company cannot be held responsible and no special Booking cancellation or Down Payment refund conditions are applied.
    4. Client is obliged to provide flight number if the pick-up is planned to be during the out-of- hours.
  8. Changing the rental period after Pick Up Time
    1. If you stop using rental services earlier than your requested rental period ends, Company will not be able to offer you a refund.
    2. If you extend your rental period after it has already started, Rental Vehicle Provider will charge you for all expenses related to extending the rental period. Rental Vehicle Provider will use local rates that are effective at that time.
  9. Cancel Protection
    1. Cancel Protection secures the possibility to receive refund of made Prepayment. 
    2. Cancel Protection works for Bookings which are to be cancelled 48 hours before Pick Up Time.
    3. Cancel Protection can be purchased only when making Booking, it can not be purchased separately.
  10. Excess Protection
    1. Excess Protection compensates to the client part of deposit deducted by Rental Vehicle Provider in case of accident or theft. Maximum limit of Excess Protection compensation is limited to 1000 EUR or equivalent in other currencies. 
    2. Excess Protection can be purchased when making Booking, or purchased separately before pick-up time.
    3. Cancellation of Excess Protection is available if the request of its removal has been received in written form to the e-mail support@discovercarhire.com not later then 24 hours after the pick-up.
    4. Upon arrival Rental Vehicle Provider may offer additional insurance which may decrease deposit and/or liability. Company’s Excess Protection liables Deposit blocked on the card at the time of rental.
    5. Excess Protection applies to:
      1. Damages caused to the body of the rental car received as a result of the traffic accident, excluding damages made only to of windscreen, windows, mirrors, locks, lights, wheels, tyres, hubcaps, roof, undercarriage or interior.
      2. Rental car theft (in case if parking terms set by the Rental Vehicle Provider have not been violated).
    6. Excess Protection doesn't apply to:
      1. Luxury and Exclusive car groups;
      2. accidents and theft cases in following countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan and Zimbabwe;
      3. accidents, where car driver were less than 25 or more than 70 years old;
      4. Car damages received as a result of your illegal and negligent actions, drunk driving, use of drugs or inappropriate activities (for example, if you filled up the car with a wrong type of fuel or if you left the car with the lights on and as a result its battery was discharged);
      5. Loss of rental, damage handling fee (service fee).
      6. Breakage of engine, clutch, manual and automatic gearbox and other inner parts of the car unless it is a result of traffic accident, covered by Excess protection, which results in damages also to the car bodywork, roof, or undercarriage;
      7. Car damages received as a result of weather conditions or cleaning process;
      8. Car damages received as a result of war, terrorism, revolution, epidemic, radiation;
      9. Damages made only to car windscreen, windows, mirrors, locks, lights, wheels, tyres, hubcaps, roof, undercarriage and interior;
      10. Theft or damage of personal belongings, e.g. documents, cash, travel tickets, sports and technical equipment.
    7. Excess Protection compensation process:
      1. In order to receive compensation for the deducted deposit, a request must be sent to customer_satisfaction@discovercarhire.com within 28 calendar days from the date of Drop Off Date. The following details should be provided in compensation request:
        1. Rental agreement, issued by the Rental Vehicle Provider,
        2. Rental Vehicle Provider invoice with details of deducted deposit - amounts and reasons,
        3. details of the person driving the insured rental vehicle at the moment of an accident (copy of a driving license),
        4. detailed description of the accident and its causes, written by liable person (vehicle driver or Renter) in one of the Languages of Website,
        5. copy of the police report, that verifies the accident, or official document, describing the accident and signed by the second party from accident,
        6. photos of vehicle damages and accident circumstances,
        7. bank account information where the compensation must be sent (Full Name/Name of your bank/ address of your bank/ IBAN/ SWIFT/BIC.
        8. proof of payment - receipt/payslip (either a scan, a photo or a .pdf file) or a screenshot from your online bank, clearly showing the following: customer's details; details of Rental Vehicle Provider, who charged you for damages; date when the transfer was initiated; amount.

      2. It is customer’s responsibility to provide all above-mentioned documents.
      3. Excess Protection claim investigating and refund process takes up to 28 calendar days. In case if additional information is required the refund process may be extended for another 28 calendar days.
      4. If you do not contact us and do not provide documents and evidence within the time specified, your case will not be considered.
  11. Other provisions
    1. To use Company’s name Discover Car Hire for commercial purposes, you must obtain a prior written permission from Company.
    2. The vehicle rental contract is between you and Rental Vehicle Provider. Company is not a party to that contract. Company is not responsible or liable (directly or indirectly) to any party in respect of the terms of that contract. The Company is also not responsible for problems with the vehicle rented under that contract or any other problems between you and Rental Vehicle Provider if such problems arise.
    3. Any complaint, must be received not later than 28 calendar days after the last date of your rental period. Complaints must be submitted in written form to the email customer_satisfaction@discovercarhire.com Company will not process complaints received after that period. If the complaint is related to Rental Vehicle Provider’s responsibilities and should be addressed directly to Rental Vehicle Provider, Company will inform you how you can proceed.
    4. Claims will be revised and a solution will be given within 28 calendar days from the day it is received, depending on case difficulty level.

Updated: 24.10.2016

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