Terms & Conditions


  1. These terms and conditions (hereinafter Conditions) are an integral part of the booking agreement (hereinafter Booking agreement) concluded between the renter (hereinafter Renter) and SIA Discover Car Hire, with registration number in Latvia: 40103690968, and legal address: Jūrmala, Jaunā iela 35A, LV-2015, Latvia (hereinafter Company).
  2. The service provided by the Company pursuant to the Booking agreement includes provision of information regarding available car rental providers, sending the Renter's reservation preferences (type of vehicle, location, date and time) to the particular car rental provider and sending the full booking information (hereinafter Voucher) to Renter’s email if the particular car rental provider has informed the Company that the particular booking (hereinafter Service) has been confirmed.
  3. The Company provides the Service using a reservation system that operates under the brand www.discovercarhire.com (hereinafter Website).
  4. The Renter undertakes to pay the Company for the Service. The price of the Service and the car rental price are indicated on the Website and in the Voucher sent to the Renter's email by the Company. On the Website, the price of the Service and the car rental price are visible before choosing the payment method and entering payment card data. In the event of Full Prepayment payment method, the price of the Service and the car rental price may be indicated as total amount. 
  5. The Booking agreement is concluded, if the Renter has booked the Service on the Website, funds available on the Renter's credit/debit card have been charged for this purpose or the Service has been paid for using PayPal, and the particular car rental provider has informed the Company that the particular booking has been approved.
  6. It is therefore important for the Renter to be aware that by entering his/her payment card details (or making a payment using PayPal) and approving the payment, the Renter has expressed the wish to conclude the Booking agreement, and this agreement cannot be revoked after a confirmation Voucher is sent to the Renter's email.
  7. Following the entry into force of the Booking agreement the funds (in the amount of the price for the Service or the price which includes the Service and Rental price (in case of Full Prepayment as it is indicated in the respective Voucher) and, if chosen by the Renter, Full Coverage) will be withheld and transferred to the bank account of the Company. A Voucher to the Renter's email will be sent as confirmation that the Booking agreement has been concluded.
  8. The Renter must become acquainted with the Conditions before applying for the Service and concluding the Booking agreement. If the meaning or consequences of the Conditions are not clear to the Renter, it is strongly recommended that the Renter contacts the Company via email: support@discovercarhire.com and get additional information on the Conditions prior to accepting them.


  1. On the Website the Renter can select and book a car from a range of cars provided by a number of different car rental providers. The Company itself does not own or run any of these provider companies and does not conclude car rental agreements on behalf of car rental providers.
  2. The Booking agreement is not an agreement that regulates car rental service. A rental agreement will be signed with the car rental provider at the time of rental car pick up.
  3. Each car rental provider has its own terms and conditions for renting a vehicle. Nevertheless, the main conditions of the car rental provider regarding driver’s requirements, insurance, deposit, payments, fuel policy, etc. are available in the section “Rental Conditions” on the Website. Complete applicable terms and conditions of the car rental provider are available at pick up.
  4. By booking the selected car on this Website the Renter accepts the rental conditions of the particular car rental provider. The Company assumes no responsibility with regard to the Renter if the rental conditions or terms and conditions available on the particular car rental provider’s website change. The Company displays rental conditions on the Website as approved by the car rental provider.
  5. Detailed information regarding the Renter’s particular booking is provided in the Voucher sent to the Renter via email.
  6. The main currencies in which prices are published on this Website are euros (EUR), United States dollars (USD) and British pounds (GBP). There is an option to view prices in other currencies, and they will be shown converted, based on the daily updated currency exchange rate.


  1. To make a booking, the required car class should be chosen. The booking does not guarantee a specific car make or model, but a chosen class of car, unless it is mentioned that the specific car model and make is guaranteed by the car rental provider. If the booked car class is available at pick-up time, it will be provided. In other cases, a car of the same or better class will be provided. Infrequently, only cars of an inferior class can be provided.
  2. Pictures of vehicles shown on the search page are informative. The rental vehicle provided at pick up may differ from the one in the picture.
  3. It is the Renter’s responsibility to carefully review all provided information about the selected car before making a booking, as the rental conditions of different car rental providers may vary.
  4. The Renter must make sure that the driver’s age is within the provider’s specified driver’s age limit, The Company cannot be held responsible if upon picking up the car, the Renter did not meet the car rental provider’s requirements.
  5. Information regarding options and extras included and excluded from the price is available on the Website under ”Rental Conditions” and in the section ”Optional extras payable locally”.
  6. If additional extras are needed, such as GPS, child seats, bicycle racks or other, and/or the possibility to travel outside the pick-up country, the possibility to drop off the car in a location other than the pick-up location and/or the option to pick up the car in a place other than the rental office, this must be specified in writing at the time of booking via email: support@discovercarhire.com or live chat on the Website.
  7. When a booking is made, the Company’s Customer Service proceeds with obtaining confirmation of this booking—the Voucher—from the selected car rental provider. Depending on various factors, the confirmation process usually takes up to 48 hours. If the start date of the rental period is 5 days or less from the booking date, the booking will be processed as a priority.
  8. When the chosen car rental provider confirms to the Company that it can offer the requested car, the Company charges/withholds the price of the Service (including the price for additional services) to the credit card, and sends the confirmation Voucher, which completes the booking confirmation process.
  9. If the car is unavailable, the Company’s operator will contact the Renter to offer possible alternate bookings.
  10. If there are no alternate cars or the Renter does not accept them, the Company will cancel the booking and unblock the price of the Service on the Renter’s payment card.
  11. The status of the booking can be viewed on the Website by going to ”My Booking”.


  1. The Renter has no right of withdrawal from the Booking agreement according to the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

CANCELLATION and Refund Policy

  1. The Renter can cancel the booking for a full refund up to 48 hours before the initial pick-up time through the My Booking section.
  2. If cancellation is requested less than 48 hours before the pick-up time, only the cost of Full Coverage (if purchased) will be refunded.
  3. No refund will be given if cancellation is requested after the time of pick-up.
  4. No refund will be given for unused rental days in the case of early drop-offs.
  5. If no information is given to the Company about the cancellation of the booking 48 hours before the pick-up time and the Renter does not arrive in time to take the booked car, it will be classified as a no-show and an additional no-show fee charged.
  6. If the booking is made less than 48 hours before the pick-up time, it is nonrefundable (Full Coverage, if purchased, is refundable up until the pick-up time).
  7. If a booking’s date and/or time is modified later than 48 hours prior to the original pick-up time, no refund will be given.
  8. If a cancellation request is made to the Car Rental Company and not Discover Car Hire, this Cancellation and Refund Policy shall be applicable.


  1. The Company is entitled to charge a no-show fee on behalf of the particular car rental provider and to not refund any payment (including a Full Prepayment) made by the Renter. “No-Shows” are considered the following:
    1. Renter fails to pick up the car at the time and date on the Voucher without notifying the Company 48 hours in advance;
    2. Renter fails to provide the documentation required to pick up the car (specified in Rental Conditions of each provider);
    3. Renter fails to provide an acceptable method of payment and an acceptable form of security deposit, usually a credit card in the main driver’s name and surname with enough available funds.
  2. The car rental provider reserves the right to refuse pick-up to any Renter who fails to arrive at the scheduled time and date with all necessary documentation, method of payment, and acceptable form of security deposit, usually a credit card in the main driver’s name with enough available funds to cover the security deposit.
  3. The Company and the Renter agree that in the case of any dispute regarding whether or not the booking Service has been provided, inter alia, a copy of the car rental agreement or written confirmation (sent via email or post upon the Company’s request) from the particular car rental provider will be acknowledged and accepted as proof.


  1. The Renter can modify the rental by sending an email to support@discovercarhire.com 48 hours before the pick-up date/time at the latest. Please note that any modification such as amendment of the pick-up or drop-off location, car group, rental period or driver’s personal details may affect the rental price, which may differ from the price indicated in the initial confirmation Voucher.
  2. Prices are based on pick-up and drop-off times and dates that the Renter arranges before the rental starts. If the car is picked up any later or brought back any earlier, the Renter will not receive a refund for the unused hours or days.
  3. In some cases, it may be necessary to change the booking. These changes may be made by the Company or by the car rental provider. In all such cases the Company shall advise the Renter as soon as reasonably possible before the pick-up date and, if the proposed changes are unacceptable, the Renter will be offered a full refund. However, in such circumstances, the Company shall have no additional liability in respect of any direct or indirect losses the Renter may suffer as a result of such changes.
  4. The Company cannot guarantee the processing of modifications. Any modification offered by the Renter shall come into effect only after written confirmation by the Company. If the Company has not accepted (in written form) the modification offered by the Renter, the conditions previously confirmed by the Company and the Renter apply.


  1. Payment methods accepted by the Company on this Website are a valid credit/debit card or PayPal.
  2. Payment methods accepted by the car rental providers vary and can include credit cards, debit cards and cash. Please note that some providers accept only credit card payments. The Renter is obliged to check the payment methods of the chosen car rental provider (available on the Website, section “Rental Conditions”) prior to making the booking or arriving to pick up the car.
  3. Payment, withheld by the Company, consists of the price of the Service as well as payments for the chosen Full Coverage services. This payment is held by the Company. It will not be mentioned in the rental agreement with the car rental provider. In the event of Full Prepayment, payments, withheld by the Company, consist of the price of the Service, Rental price as well as payments for the chosen Full Coverage services
  4. The Rental price (if not withheld by the Company), as well as payments for chosen additional extras and services, is charged by the particular car rental provider upon picking up the car.
  5. A security deposit (after conclusion of the car rental agreement) is held on the main driver’s credit card or a cash deposit is taken by the car rental provider to cover the costs of possible insurance excess/deductible, traffic violations, refuelling costs, etc. If no traffic violation costs or any other costs occur, the security deposit held on the credit card lapses, usually within 3 weeks from the end of the rental period.
  6. Payments to the car rental provider must be made in the local currency of the country where the car is to be picked up. If this currency is different from the currency of the Renter’s credit card, the credit card company will perform a currency exchange at its established rate and may also charge the card for a conversion fee. The Company is not responsible for discrepancies between the price shown on the Website and the amount for which the Renter’s credit card is charged if these discrepancies are due to the currency exchange rate used or the conversion fee applied or if the Renter and the car rental provider have agreed on a higher price than the price determined in the booking confirmation.
  7. The car rental provider can request pre-authorization on the credit card for the amounts mentioned in items 44 and 45 before allowing the Renter to pick up the car.


  1. The Renter must present the following documents when picking up the car:
    1. printed Voucher;
    2. valid driver license from the Renter’s country of origin. It must be valid in the country where the car is being rented;
    3. International Driving Permit. This may be required by some car rental providers as a supplement to the regular driver license;
    4. a valid passport or valid ID card;
    5. a valid credit card in the Renter’s (main driver’s) name and surname;
    6. other documents required by the car rental provider and mentioned in the Voucher.
  2. The Company shall not refund any sum paid and assumes no responsibility if the car rental provider refuses to provide the car to a Renter in any of the following circumstances:
    1. no show;
    2. showing up late;
    3. unused days;
    4. additional services purchased locally;
    5. failure to provide all required documents, driver license, passport/ID card, credit card with enough funds to block a security deposit and any additional documents mentioned in the rental conditions of the selected rental car provider;
    6. the Renter has been previously blacklisted by the car rental provider;
    7. the Renter arrives at the car rental desk under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. The Company is not responsible for any waiting time at the car rental provider’s office.
  4. The Renter is obliged to carefully read the rental agreement before signing it when picking up the rental vehicle. The Renter’s signature means acceptance of all points in the contract and all charges.
  5. The Company is not responsible for any price change that occurs due to the Renter’s acceptance of any optional extras (e.g. additional insurance, additional driver, etc.). If the Renter extends any rental period after it has already started, the car rental provider can charge the Renter for all expenses related to extending the rental period. The car rental provider will use local rates effective at that time.


  1. In most cases, Renters are required to leave a deposit to cover all or a portion of the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) deductible/excess, theft waiver deductible/excess (where applicable), and fuel. To do so, a valid credit card in the name and surname of the main driver must be presented when picking up the car. Renters with Full Coverage must also leave this deposit.
  2. Full Coverage compensates the Renter for the amount of the deductible/excess deducted by the car rental provider in the event of damage or theft. The maximum Full Coverage compensation amount is indicated on the Voucher.
  3. Full Coverage does not replace a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). The Company shall not assume any responsibility if a CDW is not included in the rental price and Renter failed to provide valid proof of his/her own CDW as required by the car rental provider and mentioned in the Voucher.
  4. Full Coverage can be purchased when making a booking and up to the scheduled pick-up time. The Renter can remove Full Coverage for a refund no later than the pick-up time by contacting the Company’s support team.
  5. Purchasing the Company’s Full Coverage does not reduce the amount of the security deposit which is usually blocked on the credit card at the time of rental.
    At the rental desk, the rental provider may offer additional insurance that may decrease the deposit and/or liability. If the Renter has purchased our Full Coverage, this additional insurance can be rejected and a deposit left as requested.
  6. Full Coverage applies to risks indicated on the Website at the moment of purchase. These risks are also listed in the “My Booking” section on the Website and on the Voucher sent to the Renter.
    Full Coverage covers the following expenses related to the rental car:
    1. Deductible/excess charge for damage or theft
    2. Repair costs for damage to the vehicle’s body, undercarriage, tires, wheels, roof, windshield, windows, mirrors, locks, and hubcaps
    3. Towing expenses, up to a maximum of 100 EUR
    4. Taxi expenses directly related to the breakdown or incident, up to a maximum of 100 EUR
    5. Costs directly related to losing the key(s) to the rental car or locking oneself out of the rental car
    6. Administrative fees relating to damage (excluding other administrative fees, for example, for traffic violations) and immobilization charges (charges to compensate the rental company for the loss of earnings while the car is being repaired)
  7. Full Coverage does not cover the following:
    1. Extras (child seats, GPS, etc.)
    2. Personal possessions or valuables
    3. Damages that occurred while the Renter was not complying with the terms of the rental agreement or local laws (driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, putting the wrong fuel in the car, driving off-road, committing a traffic violation, etc.)
    4. Hotel costs or other out-of-pocket expenses
    5. Cleaning costs or damage to the car’s interior
    6. Bank fees or any differences in currency exchange rates
    7. Damages resulting from unforeseeable or uncontrollable events such as war, revolution,  terrorism, strikes or natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes
    8. Third party damages
  8. Full Coverage compensation process:
    1. In order to receive Full Coverage compensation, a request must be sent to customer_satisfaction@discovercarhire.com within 28 calendar days of the drop-off date or the date which the rental car broke down or was damaged, stolen, or lost. Electronic copies of the following documents must be provided:
      1. The rental agreement you signed when picking up the car
      2. Rental company’s documented assessment of the car when it was picked up and when it was returned (check-list or pictures)
      3. Invoice(s) from the car rental company showing the Renter was charged the deductible/excess, a portion thereof, or other fees
      4. The Renter’s credit card statement, bank statement, or receipt(s) showing payment of the above invoice(s)
      5. The Renter’s PayPal or bank account details, including account holder's full name, account number/IBAN, bank name and address, SWIFT code, and any other information needed to make an international wire transfer (if the Renter provides incorrect bank details, a 50 EUR fee will be deducted from the compensation amount for each repeated wire transfer made before the corrected bank details are received)
      6. A detailed account of the incident (including photographic and video evidence, if possible)
      7. Written police report (if applicable)
    2. It is the Renter’s responsibility to provide all of the above-mentioned documents.
  9. The Full Coverage claim investigation and refund process takes up to 28 calendar days. If additional information is required, the refund process may be extended for another 28 calendar days.
  10. If the Renter does not contact the Company and does not provide any documents or evidence within the specified time period, the case will not be considered and no compensation will be paid.
  11. In the event that the Renter has received compensation under Discovercarhire.com’s Full Coverage and becomes eligible for a future reimbursement by the car rental provider (for example, it is determined that the Renter was not the “at fault” driver ),  the amount must be returned to the Company.
  12. In the event of any fraudulent claim or any fraudulent means or information are used to obtain any benefit under Full Coverage, this policy shall become void, the amount paid shall be forfeited, and any benefits claimed and received must be repaid to the Company.


  1. The Booking agreement and Conditions and email communication, which are an integral part of the Booking agreement, are governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia. The courts of general jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim or dispute which might arise out of or in connection with these Conditions.


  1. The Company and the Renter agree on the procedure according to which the Conditions may be amended.
  2. The Company shall notify the Renter of amendments to the Conditions and the effective date of said amendments on the Website, and the Renter shall be able to familiarise himself/herself with the General Terms & Conditions at least 14 (fourteen) days before the effective date thereof. The amendments also apply to those booking Services that occurred/entered into force before said amendments were made and that continue to exist on the effective date of the amendments. If the Renter disagrees with the amendments, he or she may, until the effective date of the amendments, submit a written notice to the Company regarding disagreement with said amendments. If, by the effective date of the amendments the Company has not received written notice from the Renter, the Renter shall be deemed to have agreed to the amendments and undertaken to comply with them.
  3. The Company may immediately amend the Conditions unilaterally, without notifying the Renter thereof, if the Renter does not qualify as a consumer in accordance with Latvian law or if the particular amendment is in the Renter’s favour or if some technical corrections are made therein.
  4. The existing version of the Conditions is available on the Website.


  1. The Company is not responsible for commitments deriving from the car rental agreements concluded between the Renter and the car rental provider.
  2. The Company is not responsible for compensating damages or losses of the Renter caused by the fact that the actions or vehicles of the particular car rental provider do not comply with the rental agreement and/or applicable law.
  3. If security deposits have been blocked or withdrawn, these transactions are initiated by the particular car rental provider on the basis of the car rental agreement concluded between the car rental service provider and the Renter. The Company as the booking company does not withdraw or block security deposits from the payment cards of Renters.
  4. For the convenience of Renters, wording such as “cost of rental”, “Pay now” and “Payable on arrival” may be used on the Website. The term “Pay now” refers to the Service price, while the term “Payable on arrival” refers to the price of the car rental service payable to the particular car rental provider.
  5. If the Company offers to accept payment for the Service and for the rental services, the Company acts on behalf of the particular car rental provider regarding receipt of the rental price. However, the Company does not provide car rental services and transfers the car rental price to the particular car rental provider.


  1. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Booking agreement unilaterally and immediately by notifying the Renter via email in the following events:
    1. information or indications have been received concerning the insolvency, bankruptcy or similar status or financial difficulties, as well as illegal actions, of the particular car rental service provider;
    2. error (technical or human) caused by the Company or car rental service providers, if the provision of the vehicle rental service becomes impossible or exceedingly difficult due to the respective error;
    3. the Renter has not passed security check carried out by the car rental service provider.
  2. If the Company terminates the Booking agreement, the Company shall repay the Renter the amount paid for the Service, Rental price (in case of Full Prepayment) and the amount paid for Full Coverage, if such service have been paid for by the Renter. The Company is not responsible for any other claims or complaints, including compensation of direct or indirect losses or non-material losses, any costs and expenses of the Renter in connection with this Booking agreement and termination of the Booking agreement and conclusion of any new booking agreement due to the terminated agreement.


  1. The Company takes care that personal data of the Renter are processed according to the personal data protection requirements applicable in the European Union. The Company ensures that the Renter’s personal data will be processed in connection with lawful business purposes in order to ensure providing the Service requested by the Renter. The Renter agrees that:
    1. in order to provide the booking Service, the Company is entitled to send the Renter’s provided personal data and contact information (full name, date of birth, phone number and email address) and booking-related information to the car rental provider, so that it can provide the rental service requested;
    2. Renter’s email will be used by the Company to send confirmation of the booking in the form of a Voucher;
    3. Renter’s phone number will be used by the Company to clarify questions regarding the booking, if they arise.
  2. Exhaustive information about our processing of your personal data, which personal data we collect and process, for what purposes we use it, how long we store it, and other information is specified in the Privacy Policy.
  3. It is allowed to use this Website to make car rental bookings. It is prohibited to use this Website for illegal purposes, namely, to make bookings that are speculative or false, or to obtain data on car rental providers or their car rental offers. By accepting these Conditions, the Renter agrees to use this Website only for its legal purpose.


  1. Complaints must be submitted in writing to customer_satisfaction@discovercarhire.com or to the Company’s legal address at Jūrmala, Jaunā iela 35A, LV-2015, Latvia. Any complaint must be received no later than 28 calendar days after the last date of the rental period. The Company will not process any complaints received after that period. If the Renter corresponds to the definition of a consumer pursuant to the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia, then the Renter shall have the right to submit a complaint within the term provided in the particular law.
  2. If the complaint is related to the car rental provider’s responsibilities and should be addressed directly to the car rental provider, the Company will inform the Renter regarding how to proceed.
  3. Claims will be reviewed and a decision will be given within 28 calendar days from the day they are received, depending on the difficulty level of the case.
  4. If within a period of 21 calendar days there is no reply to any of our emails from the Renter, the case will be closed automatically without any compensation.

Updated: 30.01.2019

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