A Brief About Renting Cars for Enjoying a Holiday Trip

Places to visit in any holiday spots would be many and spread out in a wide expanse physically. That is a geographical reality. Going from one place to other would require a motorised vehicle to enjoy the trip as a whole. While there may be a public transport system available at the place, it is a better option to rent a car of own and move around. The advantages of driving own car needs not much of amplification. The freedom itself that it offers covers all other aspects that come against this option. Yes, this means visitor would need to shell out more from pocket, but what is a holiday trip after all meant for? It is to relax have fun and enjoy the freedom of both time and space. It is not that a visitor would need to burn a hole in their pocket for the hiring charges.

There are ample car hire companies that can be located in the visit, which would cater for this requirement of economical car rental services. The confusion that most visitors would face is how to select one particular company who would naturally provide a cheap car hire option while the services they provide are not so cheap. Customers would find most all car rental companies advertising cheap car rental services. Getting to compare their cost therefore, vis-a-vis the services they render is a difficult task. It is easy to go for the very first car rental company that catches the eye, there is however quite some risk in this process. What sort of car finally the rental service is going to provide. What sort of contract clause does the rental agency apply to their hiring services? Is the hiring contract limited by mileage or time period? These are some and there are many more queries that occur in the customers mind just after having signed the hire contract document with some agency and paid the money up front. It is best therefore to ask and clarify these queries much before the actual signing of hiring documents and paying money up front. Imagine trying to understand the rental clause at the booking desk in the airport terminal with a long queue waiting behind for their turn. Not only hard pressed for time would the customer find themselves in but hard pressed by human being in line too, is what the customer would experience.

Cars hire comparison result from web site

To get an unbiased and correct feedback about the services being offered by the different car rental companies under review, the customer has to read and understand the entire rental document. It is not possible to do such a study after having reached place of destination and across the counter. Car hiring companies would not have the time to discuss details across the counter after reaching the holiday destination from where car is to be hired. There is no doubt the online world which lists the entire car hiring company available in a particular area. But these sites do not disclose their rental contract documents so easily for viewing. To compare car rental service agents, customers would have to resort to maybe the sites that project a tabulated form of the comparison findings. While customers can easily set filters on these sites to customize the comparison as per individual choice, there is a minor problem to be considered.

With time and experience most of the car rental companies are aware of the general style of filter a customer uses to customize their search criteria. The car rental agency could affect a minor adjustment in their own data and the rank listing works in that company favour. In short customers are not assured of getting the perfect comparison result from these sites. If customer therefore decides to study each rental company details individually and then decide on own which is most suitable, the time taken would be quite extensive. Each individual company web portal would have to be searched for details and then compiled to read as a comparison chart. To get the actual contract details, most hiring agencies require some money to be paid up front. Only once that amount is paid do they allow their contract document to be shown. The rental document would be having terms that would not only be confusing, but plain gibberish to the customer. Some clause would be inter-related to another and linking them up for understanding would only lead to further confusion. These methods therefore do not work well and other means of comparison is to be set up.

How then to compare car hire charges

The better and more recommended manner of comparing car rentals is to discuss with someone who is not directly involved with any particular rental agency and yet in the field of car rentals. There would be a friend or neighbour who has undertaken a similar trip and could be consulted. This would be an unbiased opinion. But the friend or neighbour would be able to speak of the good or bad about only the one rental they have taken services from. The other car rental service agencies available in that area would not be known to the individual. While this could be a guiding factor to compare car rentals it is not the recommended manner. What is required therefore is someone who has a broad based knowledge of the rental service providers in the area.

Broker firms are the perfect people to approach for getting such services. They are not directly attached with any particular car rental agency, while they have current and good experience of the market scenario so far as car rentals go. Such agencies would provide an independent view point and the pros and cons of the services offered by every car rental agency. The broker firms and agents are local to the place that the customer is going to hire the car from. They have a clear understanding of the general car rental practices that the agencies follow in the area. They also have knowledge of the contract clause that each car rental agency applies. They would be the best people to decipher the clause that each company applies and explain the same to the customer in easy and layman terms. Brokerage firms are the best source therefore to get correct results for car hire compare task. There are terms like CDW and mileage of use that needs to be understood if the car is taken directly from a car rental agency. The effect of these clauses would be the responsibility of the customer directly. These clauses have a lot to do with add on charges that needs to be paid by the customer renting the car directly from a car rental agency. Cheap car rent may not work out cheap when these clause and the associated charges have been added up.

How to know if services are good?

Car rentals that are offering cheap car rent is not necessarily that their services are also cheap. Broker agents who have recommended their services to other customers would be having feedback about their services rendered. This knowledge bank that the broker holds is of immense value and not available from any other source. This is much like firsthand knowledge as the broker agents would have interacted with the ultimate customer before and after the hiring period. The brokerage agents would have learnt of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction that the customer experienced with the services of the rental agency including the actual car that they had rented. Similar lines, the rental agencies who claim to be giving exclusive services and therefore charging exclusive rentals are also not necessarily up to their word. Their actual quality of service would be known to the broker agents from feed backs and that they would share with the customer who approaches the broker for renting a car. The broker firm representatives also have a process of learning the actual market scene. They are therefore equipped very well with the latest happening on the car rental market and no one can have a better or wider view of the market than them. To give opinion of the services of a particular car rental is good or bad would best be done by such broker agents only.

How to locate broker firms of repute

Similar to the car rental agencies, broker firms that deal with car hiring can also be found in the online world. Any major search engine would throw up lots of portals which belong to some broker firm agency who deal with car rentals. Friends who have visited the particular holiday destination and are in the know of such broker firms, is another good source to get information on locating broker firms from whom economy car rental service can be sought. Once again it is not necessary that the top broker that the search result throws up is to be selected as the broker of choice. Some discretion and then some consideration is to be applied before finalising. Broker firms that provide good service would be having quite a worldwide presence. This being so, as tourists normally visit not just one country when they go out on a holiday trip. Having the same broker agent all along the trip would be of benefit to the tourist. Car rental broker of repute would have a help desk that is manned most times of the day and at the various locations which their services are being offered at.

Do the broker firms have any method for car rental comparison?

Broker firm web pages themselves have a method set up to get the customer’s specific rental requirement and give option of what best is there. These criteria are specific to the place of visit. The time of visit, period of visit and then what sort of car and how many passengers etc. Providing these details at the broker firm page would list down the various vehicles that are available and their rates of hire in the specified area. Broker firms usually also undertake the charges that are required for various types of issues like insurance from accident and theft, as also charges for modifications etc to the car. Stuff like CDW and mileage of usage etc are now covered by the broker firms and these broker firms are best to approach. They include these in their brokerage charges itself, thereby simplifying the payment process. All these aspects therefore becomes the broker firm’s responsibility and customer can just go to the driving usage charges alone. The broker firm page would also allow for filtering the car according to the requirement of the customer, like what sort of transmission preferred, size of the car and whether air conditioning required or not. These aspects may seem trivial at the outset, but dealing with a car rental agency direct, this means extra charges. Broker firms therefore have these charges mentioned clearly and customer gets a no hidden charges service in return. The process of car rent compare becomes even simpler now. Car rental compare process now means just to check which type of car is suitable and what is the charge for the same.

Other advantages with broker firm

Along with the advantages of getting unbiased opinion and also being given clarifications on queries that occur in the customers mind, another advantage with broker firms is that they are doing just this job of liaison. While the car rental agency is mainly dealing with the hiring out job, the broker agency is only dealing with customer queries on the hiring process. The customer is therefore able to query the broker firm all issues on not only the rental agency quality of service but also about the process of hiring a car. First time tourists or even tourists who are going to hire a car for the first time would find this process of learning easy and friendly. Customer need not bother about comparing the services being offered by each individual broker firm. It is by talking to the broker agent that the customer would be able to judge if he or she is feeling comfortable or not. Broker firms of repute who have their services spread all over the globe would naturally be the more preferred one. They would sure be able to provide clarification in the language that the country customer belongs to. Having branches worldwide, such firms would have employees from each of the country to whom they would be able to direct the query of the customer to. One very useful service that the broker firm renders is the currency of payment being executed for a car hiring process.

While a car rental agency may require payment carried out in a particular currency, broker forms would accept the payment based on customers native currency. Conversion of the currency would be carried out by the broker agency which is a very big help. Calculating the currency conversion rate, as on a particular day after applying many other rules to it, is a very difficult process and may not even work out to the correct amount finally. This aspect is best left to the broker agency that would be carrying out the conversion on their own books internally as they have branches all over the world. A customer from England would therefore be displayed with amount to be paid in British pound while a customer from say USA would be given the option of paying in US Dollars. The actual place where the customer be visiting maybe located in some European country or countries. It is also not essential to pay up immediately but rather the broker firm can be called up on their toll free numbers depending on customer location and all queries clarified over phone. Being able to talk directly to a broker agent and clarifying queries is very helpful not only to finalise on an economy car hire result but also to be sure of what service is going to be provided at the ultimate destination. As mentioned before being able to clarify these queries with someone who is conversing in the language known to the customer adds to the comfort and ease levels of the customer.

Handing back of car

While taking a car on rental is a quick and fast process, when dealing with the car rental agency directly, the same is not true when handing the car back at end of the hiring period. It is now the customer who likes to ensure that the car rental agency take back the car and provide a proof of clearance from all obligations, but the car rental would like to inspect the car thoroughly before giving any clearance. This is a time consuming process, and many times the customer would find the car rental agency representative is not available to take back the car. Customers are asked to leave the car at the specific location and the rental agency carries out the inspection at a later time. It is evident that there is high possibility of affairs leading to dispute. This is the case scenario when dealing with car rental agency directly. This aspect too is cratered for very easily in case of dealing through a broker firm. Broker firms who undertake to take back the car through their own office or representative must be preferred over others. The onus of handing the car back to the original car rental agency would also rest upon the broker firm. Customer would therefore be tension free at the end of the handing over process.

Are there broker firms who operate all over world?

There are brokerage firms who deal not just with one geographical region but have services available at all major tourist centric countries over the world. Car rental is a service that is required all over the world. Every country has its share of constant visiting people, and this is a universal fact of the world. Brokerage firms who have branches and operate in all parts of the world are the best to approach. This provides the advantage of knowing the particular broker firm’s manner of working too as well as the broker firm gets acquainted with the customer’s distinct requirements. An interactive session with the broker firm would therefore lead to much more advantageous end results. Customers who do consider a re-visit to the particular holiday destination would naturally find it even more engaging discussing their car rental issues with the same broker firm. While booking over the counter direct from the car rental agency would not keep any individual interaction data in store, when carried out through a broker firm, it would mean storage of the data for future reference. The broker firm would sure be able to identify the customer during a re-visit once again.

To conclude

Broker firms therefore are the most recommended for people to go to for hiring a car to make a holiday trip memorable and enjoyable. Not only unbiased recommendation can be received from such a broker about which car to hire, it also makes the task of hiring very simple. Most all issues of hiring, insurance m handing the car back is taken care of by the broker firm itself. Making the customer even freer in his trip from tensions and just enjoying driving about the country. There is the added advantage that happens in case the tourist plans to move to another country, like say in Europe to continue the holiday fun. All issues of the car rental would be remaining with the same broker agency who hands over the control to their own office in the next country of visit. These aspects otherwise create lot of hassle for the customer if not dealt by the main company. There are many broker firms available and selecting the most appropriate one needs some consideration.

Car rental broker firm of repute, who have their operations not just restricted to one specific area alone, would be a recommended one to approach. The broker firm having multiple currency options of payment means easier understanding of the charges being paid. Of course the broker agency selected must have multiple methods of contacting them for clarifications and help. Meaning not just email but by phone also they must be approachable. Having office at different country regions should mean separate call lines based on the country where the office is located. These aspects if kept in mind would surely ensure selection of the most appropriate broker agency to help in renting a car for the holiday trip anywhere in the world.

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